Board Meeting

09/15/2011 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Meeting Minutes


Village of Viola  

Minutes for Regular Board Meeting

Thursday, September 15, 2011, 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.


Attendance:  Eugene Gabrysiak called the meeting to order with Trustees Kent Kanable, Daren Matthes, Jeremy Matthes, Steve McCauley, Hugh Oliver, and LaVerne Phillips present.  Meeting was properly posted.


Public Hearings:

  1. Public Hearing to solicit public comments on the proposed Wastewater Treatment Facilities Plan including project cost alternatives and associated changes in the user charge system.
  2. Public Hearing to solicit public comments on the use of CDBG-PF grant funds on proposed Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements.


Dale Klemme, CDA, was present to discuss the Wastewater projects.  The bids are coming in substantially less than estimated.  Viola is currently under budget by $125,000, and project contingency amounts are built in.  There are those who are concerned if the Village can afford this project and the loan.  Klemme stated that the availability of grants in the future will not be as they have been in the past.  The interest rates have never been lower.  This is the time for Viola to do this project.  If anything is taken off the list, and it breaks down five years from now, it will not be covered by the 41% grant.  The Village would have to come up with 100% of the cost.  Existing debt of $240,000 will be refinanced at a much reduced interest rate.  Operating and maintenance costs will be reduced with new equipment, as well as energy costs.  These things will be considered in the new loan.  The EAP grant projects were discussed.  Viola might have money left over on the backwater valves.  The public hearing was closed at 7:10 p.m.


Minutes:  MOTION (Oliver, McCauley) to approve the 8/18/11 Regular Board minutes as corrected.  Carried.  MOTION (McCauley, Phillips) to approve the committee minutes for 8/29/11 Police & Personnel, and 9/06/11 Police & Personnel, 9/13/11 Water & Sewer as presented. Carried. 


Disbursements:  MOTION (Kanable, McCauley) to approve disbursements for 8/30/11 and 9/15/11 for General Fund in the amount of $26,364.45, Revolving Loan Fund $2,841.98, TID #3 Fund $1,061.16, Water Fund $1,846.90, Sewer Fund $2,244.91, and Cemetery Fund $100.04.  CarriedMOTION (Oliver, Phillips) to pay $118,783.71 from the CDBG-EAP funds once they are available and CDA has approved.  Carried.


Citizens to be heard: None


Police & Court Report:  The Court Report for July was passed out.  Chief Mika reported that security is ready for the Horse & Colt Show.  During the month he had two weed notices, a barking dog complaint, warning for speeding, warning for improper stop, structural fire traffic response, attempt to locate a citizen, prowler complaint, agency assist, and a welfare check.  He has a class on the concealed carry law, and will inform the Board next month on what he learns.


Old Business:  None 









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Award Bid for Lagoon Sludge Removal:  MSA had two bid proposals that came in:  Walter & Son Waste Hauling, LLC bid amount of $94,804.20 with a $2,500 bid alternate deduction, and United Liquid Waste Recycling, Inc. bid amount of $234,696 with a $100,000 bid alternate deduction.  The work shall be substantially completed on or before November 16, 2011 and ready for final payment by December 16, 2011.  The bid alternate deduction is if the work shall be substantially completed on or before June 15, 2012 and ready for final payment by June 30, 2012.  Daren Matthes stated that farmers hope to have their fields planted by June.  Equipment is breaking down at the treatment plant.  The sludge removal should be performed first, before new equipment is placed in the ponds.  The Board wants to insist on the fall deadline.  MOTION (McCauley, D. Matthes) to go with the recommendation of MSA to award to the lowest bidder, Walter & Son Waste Hauling, LLC the lagoon sludge removal project in the amount of $94,804.20.  Carried.


Update on EAP ProjectsWater & Sewer Committee received and approved 6 more plumbing proposals from Wallace Plumbing for backwater valves, in the total amount of $4,109.00.  Lift Station rehabilitation is in progress and should be completed within the next month.


Picnic Licenses-Horse & Colt Show and American Legion

MOTION (Oliver, Kanable) to grant picnic licenses to the Horse & Colt Show Association and the American Legion Post 447.  Carried


Temporary Operator LicensesMOTION (Kanable, Phillips) to grant 6 temporary operator licenses to Wade E. Gilman, Jerry Green, Paul Larsen, Daren J. Matthes, David L. Matthes, and Kyle Peterson.  Carried.  Matthes abstaining.


Halloween Trick or Treat Hours:  MOTION (Oliver, McCauley) to set trick or treat hours from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 30thCarried

MOTION (J. Matthes, Phillips) to reimburse Carol McCauley up to $200 for the Halloween party expenses.  Carried.  The party will be at 6:00 p.m. with costume judging and prizes.


Grievance Procedure Policy:  The new labor law (ACT 10) wants all employers to have a grievance procedure in place by October 1st.  The Personnel Committee is working on a handbook, but for now the grievance procedure policy should be adopted.  Campbell had training on this law.  Attorneys from the League of Municipalities wrote a grievance procedure policy, and it was reviewed by the Personnel Committee who made some changes.  Daren Matthes questioned the Administrator position in the policy.  MOTION (Gabrysiak, Oliver) to approve the grievance procedure policy as presented by the Personnel Committee.  Carried.


Update on EECBG Additional Grant Award:  Viola has applied for the additional money to put a roof and insulation board on the blue building.  It has not yet been awarded.  However, if it does get awarded, we will only have two weeks to get the work done.  MOTION (Phillips, McCauley) to grant the authority to the Parks & Buildings Committee to make decisions on the EECBG award and award the bid on the roofing project.  Carried.


Any Other MatterThe Village Board received a Certificate of Appreciation for sponsoring the 2011 Viroqua Triathlon. 


Gabrysiak stated that he talked with Liska, and everything should be ready for cleanup after the Horse & Colt Show.


Adjournment:  MOTION (Kanable, J. Matthes) to adjourn at 8:00 p.m.  Carried.